Height 5'6"

Day Job Mind Ninja, Yoga Ninja, and Ninja Ninja

Distinguishing Feature My katana

Derby Anniversary 2008

Signature Move The Kamikaze two-step

Story Behind the Name and Number
I am Japanese Gangster trapped in white girl body. I lived in Osaka Japan and trained Karate. When I came to America, slaying is not acceptable so instead I joined roller derby. Very similar.

Life Before Derby
I own a yoga studio, I meditate daily, and I bend into a pretzel often. It helps to keep Yakuza mind clear so I can make the more killings on the track desu.

How You Got Involved
I used to skate a long long time ago back in the Edo period of Japan. My Yakuza clan needed anassassin on wheels and so I draw short straw.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
That time I sliced and diced the entire opposing team and their families. I can only carry my katana now for the opening introductions because of concern of future slayings.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
The first time we lost game, my Japanese instincts kicked in for seppuku, but my teammates convinced me I could slay more people if I remained with organs in belly. This was confusing for my Japanese heritage, but I have overcome. (*^_^*)

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