Karate Hottie - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 5' 6" and change

Day Job Mind Ninja, Yoga Ninja, and Ninja Ninja

Distinguishing Feature Smiling whilst hitting, getting hit, or getting pets and pats

Derby Anniversary 2016

Signature Move Cutting the track and pretending nothing happened

Story Behind the Name and Number
I'm a sho dan in Shotokan Karate, I'm a redhead (hence the hottie), oh, and I'm sexy.

Life Before Derby
Lived in a dojo, Lived in Japan, Joined up with the Yakuza clan for a while, but now I'm kickin' around Bradentucky (see what I did there?)

How You Got Involved
Well it's pretty much karate on skates anyway so...

Most Memorable Derby Moment
That time I got hit really hard after peeing and the hit made me find secret pee.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Well, besides secret pee, I'm really not terribly graceful. To overcome this challenge I received daily beatings anytime I was less than a piece of silk gently turtle-dove floating on the Earth. As a result of major debilitating beatings I am 2% more graceful!

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