Whiskey Ginger - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns She/Her

Title Head NSO

Teams Team NSO

Position NSO

Derby Anniversary 6/17/2019

How did you find roller derby? You don't find roller derby. Roller derby finds you. This amazing community of badass humans found me right when I needed it. Kismet, if you will.

Tell us about your pets. omg. My Wiley. He's my ride or die. He's a scruffy ginger junkyard hyena rescue mutt and he's the bestest snuggler of all time. And he's probably cooler than your dog. (I admit bias. Whatevs.)

What's your sign? I'm an Aries. So I googled Aries traits real quick. Quick-witted and quick-tempered. Enthusiastic and impatient. Energetic and adventurous and foolish and impulsive. So. Ya. All that.

What are your bout day pump up songs and why? Normally, I consider myself a pretty solid metal/punk chick. But bout days are different. On bout days, I'm bumpin 90s hip hop until I get to the rink. I'm psyched up and feelin loose from all the booty shakin I was doing while getting ready.

What is your bout day breakfast? Bacon. I mean. I eat other stuff. But I'm not a skater and I don't have to worry about a routine thing. So I can't say for sure, but it likely includes bacon.

If you could haunt anywhere or anyone after you die, who and what would it be? Red Rocks. I haven't been there yet. It's on the bucket list. But I'm a live music junkie and I figure that would be a sweet shindig to haunt.

Maddox Weber

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