Tess Tickles - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 5'8"

Day Job Banker

Distinguishing Feature My lion mane of hair

Derby Anniversary February 2014

Signature Move Prancing Pony (running with high knees)

Story Behind the Name and Number
Coworker and I were discussing what our derby names would be while watching our first game. I wanted something nonchalant funny but still family friendly. Obviously no other number would work for Tess Tickles ;)

Life Before Derby
Multi platinum recording artist with several Grammys, MTV music awards and international sensation. Wait that may or may not have been a dream from all the napping I did before derby.

How You Got Involved
Coworker asked me to go to his wife's bout (Ima Problem) I was hooked after the first jam!

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Feeling like a badass blocker only to have Nikki Stric 9 skate right though my legs!

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Staying on my feet. I've got Bambi legs! I'm still working on it.

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