Sookie Smackmouth - Bradentucky Bombers
Sookie Smackmouth

Height 5'4"

Day Job Insurance professional

Distinguishing Feature Great head of thick hair and newly straightened teeth.

Derby Anniversary January 2012

Signature Move Not a signature move however I make a good, solid blocker in my walls tripod.

Story Behind the Name and Number
I’m a huge True Blood fan and my number is my birthday.

Life Before Derby
Wife, mom and work.

How You Got Involved
I contracted the chicken pox at 35 and it was life changing. After recovering I needed a hobby that I could call my own and to find fitness. Derby found me.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Winning Franky Panky in 2017

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
All of it- I’ve never played a contact sport. Learning the rules and moves is on ongoing lesson.

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