Sookie Smackmouth - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns She/Her

Teams Bomb Squad, Nuclear Bombshells

Position Blocker

Derby Anniversary 1/12/2012

How did you find roller derby? Coupon Clipher was a client and called for a sponsorship.

Tell us about your pets. Jack the pug (won best dressed at prom a few years back) and Calvin the turtle. I've had Calvin for almost 30 years!

What's your sign? LEO- I'm outgoing, literally will talk to anyone that will listen. I'm a walking derby billboard.

What are your bout day pump up songs and why? Anything by the Foo Fighters because they're amazing with a ton of energy.

Who is your roller derby hero and why? I admire everyone, however some stand outs are Gigi Ramon, Freight Train and Lily. Gigi is our founder that skates with MS, Freight Train is literally that, and Lily is overall awesome.

What is your bout day breakfast? Eggs for sure, toast, hopefully some avocado too.

If you could haunt anywhere or anyone after you die, who and what would it be? NOLA, it's my spirit city.

Keith Ridge
Keith Ridge

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