Sniper - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 6’0”

Day Job Freelance Photo/Video

Distinguishing Feature Eyes

Derby Anniversary June 2016

Signature Move Reverse Plow

Story Behind the Name and Number
Being a photographer I’m know for capturing candid photos from a distance, and for consistently “getting the shot”. Also 135mm is my favorite focal length to shoot roller derby at!

Life Before Derby
Touring session musician, and audio engineer

How You Got Involved
After shooting photos for a local league, most of the skaters encouraged me to invest in a pair of skates, and attempt learning the game. Soon after I finished the training bootcamp (of which I did not pass the first time around) I was quickly recruited into the local men’s team.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Taking a blow to my flank from Magnum P.I.M.P from the St. Louis Gatekeepers that completely realigned my spine and threw me completely off the track.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Everything. When I started I could barely stand on skates. I had zero experience and was extremely self conscious with my abilities. Setting small achievable goals kept me moving forward, and the support of my fellow skaters kept me playing the game.

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