ProseHack - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 6'

Day Job Entrepreneur!

Distinguishing Feature My kick-ass shoulder scar

Derby Anniversary November 2007

Signature Move Calling multiple penalties in the same sentence

Story Behind the Name and Number
I'm 40mg ready to mellow out bad girls by giving them a vacation to the penalty box. But really, taking a play off the drug Prozac, the name just made sense. My day job requires me to hack prose constantly. As for the number, 40mg is a dosage strength for the drug Prozac.

Life Before Derby
It's hard to remember life before derby! This is my tenth year with the league!

How You Got Involved
A "pastor-in-training" at my church told me he was going to try out to be an announcer for the league. He thought that since I am a big girl I should try out for the team. The rest is history. I played three seasons before getting injured, and am in the middle of my fifth season as a referee. He's now a pastor and announces for Killamazoo.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
I'm not going to lie; it was getting a good angle block on a league foe. She went down like a ton of bricks, and the crowd went crazy!

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
I am not a naturally gifted skater, so learning derby was a steep learning curve. I had to skate, skate, and skate some more.

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