Height 5'8"

Day Job Registered Nurse

Distinguishing Feature Pointy elbows

Derby Anniversary July 2017

Signature Move Top secret!

Story Behind the Name and Number
It's from the 1986 movie "Big Trouble in Little China". I loved how campy and over the top this movie was. The PORKCHOP EXPRESS is the name of Jack Burton's truck. Quote: "You just listen to the old Pork Chop Express here now and take his advice on a dark and stormy night when the lightning's crashin' and the thunder's rollin' and the rain's coming down in sheets thick as lead. Just remember what old Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right square in the eye and he says, "Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it."

Life Before Derby
My house was a lot cleaner!

How You Got Involved
I was shopping at Jerk Dog Records and saw a flyer up on the billboard. I showed up to the open recruit and immediately knew this sport was for me.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Getting to train with Miracle Whips, a well known skater in the roller derby world.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Getting the courage to join. I was really nervous at first because I didn't know any of the skaters on the team. This seems so silly now because everyone welcomed me right into this crazy family.

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