Pitter Patter - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns She/Her

Title Events Coordinator

Teams Nuclear Bombshells

Position Blocker

Derby Anniversary 6/6/2018

How did you find roller derby? Facebook, when we first moved here in 2013 but I didn't manage to come out for recruitment until 2018.

Tell us about your pets. Franklin is my giant fur Shepsky and Daisy is a crazy Georgia Brown Dog. They both love to wrestle and sit in dirt.

What's your sign? Capricorn

What is your bout day breakfast? Eggs and Bacon. Breakfast of Champions.

If you could haunt anywhere or anyone after you die, who and what would it be? I'd haunt the girls bathroom mirrors at my high school and just shout compliments and motivational phrases at all the teenage girls. Boost their confidence.

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