Mr. Chop - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns He/Him

Title Trainer

Teams Bradentucky Bombers

Position Bench Coach

Derby Anniversary 1/1/2019

How did you find roller derby? I followed my wife "Porkchop Express" down the rabbit hole. Originally, I never really considered myself participating more than supporting my wife's "hobby". Now, I consider it a serious sport filled with talented athletes. I've met some amazing people in roller derby, and consider many of them prized friendships.

Tell us about your pets. Krueger. He is a Dwelf cat and he is my best buddy. We are very close. Porkchop gets very jealous. I also have two dogs, two parrots (free to a good home), and five chickens.

What are your bout day pump up songs and why? My favorite songs to listen to on bout day are World Painted Blood by Slayer, Engines of Death by Feared, Nothing is Not by Morbid Angel, anything by Nickelback.

What is your bout day breakfast? Porkchop and I love to hit Waffle House on bout day and enjoy a yummy waffle.


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