Morgan - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 5'10"

Day Job System Implementation Analyst at a software company

Distinguishing Feature Well I'm usually the tall one, but there are a wealth of us on the team now!

Derby Anniversary May 5, 2009

Signature Move Pointing and yelling

Story Behind the Name and Number
Five has kind of always been my number. My birthday is 5/5, I'm the youngest of five kids in my family, graduated "fresh meat" on 5/5....with regard to the name, I just wanted to be me. I've played team sports my whole life and couldn't see myself going by another name. I enjoy the individuality of the sport and love to see the names people pick out, it just wasn't for me.

Life Before Derby
I had recently moved to Richmond, VA and was just working, living, and sightseeing. Previously, I had a career where I worked with my hands, so though I'd had an interest in roller derby previously, I couldn't take the chance of getting injured.

How You Got Involved
A friend of mine was coaching the local team. I watched one game and knew I wanted to be out on the track next time!

Most Memorable Derby Moment
I don't think I could pin any moment as most memorable. Roller derby has taken me on so many adventures - across state lines, to Alaska, or just playing in our hometown, every time I've gotten to take the track with my team was magical.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
The main challenge for me was always fear. Fear of falling, of getting hurt, of looking stupid, of letting your team down, etc. My first coach really helped instill the idea of embracing and pushing past those fears, which I've carried with me throughout my derby career. If I'm not falling sometimes, I'm not stepping out of my comfort zone and growing!

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