Morgan - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns She/Her

Title President

Teams Bomb Squad, Fusion Bombs

Position Pivot

Derby Anniversary May 5, 2009

Tell us about your pets. I have four herding dogs! Homer, Joan, Kim, and Phoenix are our beautiful rescue pups. My husband and I compete in the US Canine Biathlon with Homer and Joan, and we all go on weekly hiking adventures with our human AND dog friends. Homer is a snuggly velcro baby, Joan is a weird but creepy smart best friend, Phoenix is a fluffy bark monster, and Little Kim is the cutest of the bunch but also an actual demon. Our house can be chaos at times, but the dogs absolutely fill my heart with all the good feels.

What's your sign? Taurus. I'm balanced and stubborn and really do love fancy things. Also, I'll hold a grudge forever - that one time you called me on a direction? I still haven't forgotten....

Who is your roller derby hero and why? There are many coaches and big derby personalities that I admire - I love seeing folks contribute to keep the sport growing and evolving. However, my immediate heroes are my team and league-mates. I love working on and off the track to achieve our goals, play our game, and find our way into new derby adventures.

What is your bout day breakfast? Over-medium eggs with toast, with AT LEAST several cups of coffee.

If you could haunt anywhere or anyone after you die, who and what would it be? I would likely just ghost around my friends...I just wanna hang out!

Keith Ridge
Kit Ruff - ShutHerUp Photography

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