Smollie - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns She/her

Title Trainer

Teams Bomb Squad

Position Jammer

Derby Anniversary 8/24/2015

How did you find roller derby? My first exposure to roller derby was watching Whip It in my very early teens. Around my 20th birthday, my dad surprised me with tickets to watch the Bradentucky Bombers and I was hooked. I showed up for my first practice literally two days later and have not escaped since.

Tell us about your pets. I am the proud mom of two dogs and two cats. One of my dogs, and pit named Pig, is a big fan of our very on Porkchop Express and has her own jersey to match her favorite skater.

What's your sign? I am a Virgo who is VERY Virgo. I love lists, sorting and organizing, and optimizing. I own 3 different planners that I consistently use.

Who is your roller derby hero and why? Ana Cheng is my derby hero and life hero. She’s a jammer superstar and super genius.

What is your bout day breakfast? My bout day breakfast is pancakes with a hot cup of the tears of my enemies.

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