Height 5'0"

Day Job Makeup Artist/Student

Distinguishing Feature Either being very small or having colorful hair

Derby Anniversary August 2015

Signature Move Fancy feet!

Story Behind the Name and Number
I am a Political Science major and I really love cats, so I needed a name that would really encompass my love for both, and Margaret Scratch-her was born! 1979 was the year Margaret Thatcher became the first female prime minister, but four numbers wouldn't fit on my back so it had to get shortened to 79.

Life Before Derby
Very lazy and very stressed. I'm not any less stressed now, but at least I have somewhere to put that stress.

How You Got Involved
I was interested when I was younger but never have the opportunity to join. When my dad took me to a bout for my birthday, he told as many people as he could that I was interested in joining, and here I am!

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Getting MVP Jammer in my first open scrimmage. I was incredibly nervous, but once I started skating everything clicked. It was really encouraging being recognized for the progress I've made!

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
I'm still afraid of getting hit. I've gotten a little bit better about accepting it, but I still try running away if I know someone's going to lay me out. Running away doesn't always work, so I've made friends with the floor.

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