Lizness Casual - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 6'

Day Job I relatively recently joined the world of Generic Office Life.

Distinguishing Feature *Almost* as tall as Dita von Cheats

Derby Anniversary Somewhere between January and July of 2017

Signature Move Ask me after I make it through my first season :)

Story Behind the Name and Number
I have multiple pseudonyms that large swaths of friends call me by, and I honestly did not want to add a new one. So I took my real name (Liz) and spent a few months playing with words, to no avail. One day, sitting in my first boring adult office job, it just came to me. Lizness. Casual. 27 is just my favorite number. It's the only result of raising a number to its own power that you'll ever be an age where you are both 1)alive, and 2) cognizant of exponents.

Life Before Derby
I like to throw myself deeply into my hobbies. Burlesque, sideshow, aerial dance, writing a cookbook... Derby is just the latest in a long list of obsessions.

How You Got Involved
Gigi RaMoan picked me up in a bar

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Passing my minimum skills requirement. I spent a couple months struggling with 25/5, and was deeply disheartened by it. One Saturday morning, I tried a new set of wheels (Radar Halos 5ever), and all of a sudden, had the stability and comfort I needed to push myself past that plateau... all the way to 27/5 in one shot. The team was so proud, and a bunch of girls dogpiled on me and we cried. It was glorious.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
I injured myself VERY BADLY at my third practice (ask to see my x-rays sometime!) and had to spend my first six months skating... off skates. I knew I was coming back as soon as I was able to, but getting over my mental blocks was, and is, a major challenge. Knowing that my team and family are behind me 100%, and seeing how my hard work is paying off week by week, makes it all so worthwhile.

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