John Ref Kennedy - Bradentucky Bombers
John Ref Kennedy

Height 70"

Day Job Road Construction

Distinguishing Feature The Beard

Derby Anniversary sooo ooooo ooo long ago


Story Behind the Name and Number
The name is distinguished the world over as one of the greatest Americans to ever breath on this earth. His embodiment, I have obtained in my daily life as well as my reffing life.

Life Before Derby

How You Got Involved
I met the love of my life, Morgan Hanson, in Richmond, the summer of 2010. She was soooooo into it, practicing 4 hours a night for 3 to 4 days a week and worked a job on her feet full time! I thought, wow! This sport must be really something!! Her dedication has truly inspired me. Also, her coach, Mike Maines, who still coaches Mother State Roller Derby, really played a role in my immediate love for this sport. I use that term loosely, as sport it may be for some, but for me it is a family cultivated blessing from the Virgin Jesus.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Watching champs in 2012 watching Ranjon score 45 points against a monster Texas team, inspired beyond words.....

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
My very first bout in Fort Meyers, I was Outside Pack Reffing (OPRing), and right before the first whistle, for no other reason than fate, i was taken completely off my skates by a ghost blocker and landed spack dab flat on the ground! The announcer Vince Hannity shouted with ferverent discord "THE PRESIDENT HAS BEEN SHOT!" Although it was a tad bit painful on my tail bone, it was cheered and applauded quite loudly, which made the pain go away and I skated the whole bout with a bruised tailbone....

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