Jane Martin - Bradentucky Bombers
Jane Martin

Height 5'6"

Day Job Health & Wellness Industry

Distinguishing Feature My track rage, which has awarded me with the nick name of "She-Hulk"

Derby Anniversary July 2014

Signature Move I'm a big fan of sideways blocking.

Story Behind the Name and Number
I stole my number from my husband and chose to skate under my real name.

Life Before Derby
Sad ex-powerlifter with no friends after college.

How You Got Involved
Picked up a flyer at a local Starbucks, immediately bought a set of gear, and jumped in head first!

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Placing first at Franky Panky 2017 on my birthday.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
I had struggled a lot with injury my first year of derby. Spent a lot of time working on my mental game and watching derby, so when I was back on skates I could play smarter.

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