IWreckYa - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns She/Her

Teams Nuclear Bombshells

Position Blocker

Derby Anniversary 6/13/2019

How did you find roller derby? Initially I found roller derby through facebook in Indiana and I started skating. When I moved to Colorado I was at a paint and wine for New Years eve and the instructor was an ex derby girl for the team I joined there, finally before moving to Florida I reached out in a Facebook derby group for a team and the Bradentucky Bombers swooped me into their hearts and team ❤

Tell us about your pets. I have two adorable pain in the butts. A pittie mix named Frejya who is still a baby and my grumpy old man dog Chewey who is a carin terrier mix.

What's your sign? Taurus. I am the definition of stubborn and hard headed. While laid back I will stand my ground for what I believe in.

What are your bout day pump up songs and why? I don't have any specific bout day songs, but I would say my playlist is anything loud that I can car-e-oke to.

Who is your roller derby hero and why? My roller derby hero is anyone who gets out there and skates. It's a tough sport and the people I see on the track all are heroes in my eyes.

What is your bout day breakfast? Anti poo pills and coffee! I'm usually too nervous to eat anything.....

If you could haunt anywhere or anyone after you die, who and what would it be? If I could haunt anywhere.....I would probably haunt a hotel or something and just do things to mildly inconvenience people. 😂😂


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