InToxic Kate - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns She/her/hers

Title Head of Bout Production

Teams Bomb Squad, Nuclear Bombshells, Fusion Bombs

Position Blocker

Derby Anniversary August 2016

How did you find roller derby? I saw a poster in a bar! I was fighting jet lag from a trip and trying to stay awake 'til a normal hour when I discovered a poster for a local league in a bar in St. Pete. In an act of sleepy ballsy-ness, I reached out and committed to coming to an upcoming practice where I became instantly hooked. But my love for derby has grown ten-fold since finding the Bradentucky Bombers through a fellow skater. This team just feels like home to me.

Tell us about your pets. I have two hilarious old ladies that more resemble cats than dogs, but gosh darnit if they are not just the best ever. Brio Lola is a teeny-tiny poodle mix and Luna Susan is toothless chihuahua. They're both so small which is perfect because they both fit perfectly in my heart.

What are your bout day pump up songs and why? My bout day pump up songs are pretty much anything from Lizzo. Because I am 100% that bitch. Thanks for the reminder, girl.

Who is your roller derby hero and why? I'm a tall skater, so I love seeking out higher-level skaters with similar body types to see how they use their height to their advantage on the track. Scald Eagle immediately comes to mind because she's got this amazing awkward skate style that fully celebrates her lankiness and uses it to powerfully noodle her way through defenders.

Strattons Photography

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