Hot Reillz - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 5'8"

Day Job Teacher

Distinguishing Feature My freckles

Derby Anniversary 5/2/11

Signature Move Booty Block

Story Behind the Name and Number
I wanted a derby name that involves my last name. Most people think I'm a NASCAR fan when they hear my derby name and number.

Life Before Derby
Before Derby I was a college student just finding my way

How You Got Involved
I began playing derby in Fort Myers after hearing about it on the radio. I was ready for a change and playing with this amazing league is exactly what I was looking for.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Playing at Beach Brawl on my birthday a few years ago against Nashville. We were the underdogs going into the game, down the whole game, during the last jam we sent the jammer to the penalty box and took the win by 2 points.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Derby is a forever evolving game and I can remember having rules study sessions with some amazing teammates.

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