Honey Badger - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 5’3”

Day Job Emergency veterinarian

Distinguishing Feature Dreads

Derby Anniversary January 2018

Signature Move I’m stronger than I look.

Story Behind the Name and Number
I love animals of course, and everyone knows the honey Badger is the most bad ass creature in the animal kingdom!

Life Before Derby
Livin’ the dream... but bored, lonely, and sick of wasting my talents.

How You Got Involved
My friend Kelly told me about the existence of roller derby, and I found the Bombers on Facebook. Saw they were getting ready for an open recruitment so I got in touch with Zombie and they let me join in the fun.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Learning to skate backwards for the first time. It only took Prosehack a couple of minutes to teach me!

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Mohawk skating- I practiced literally every day. Practiced pointing my toes outward while standing not in skates, and built up the strength and flexibility needed to pull this off over time.

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