Gigi RaMoan - Bradentucky Bombers
Gigi RaMoan

Height 5' 10"

Day Job Art Teacher at an Elementary School

Distinguishing Feature I'm told my eyes.

Derby Anniversary May 2006

Signature Move Eh. I don't really have a signature move, I try them all!!!

Story Behind the Name and Number
I play bass in a punk rock band. We cover "53rd and 3rd" by the Ramones. So my name is like the fem version of DeeDee Ramone, with a little G.G. Allen twisted in.

Life Before Derby
I was (and still am) in a punk rock band. For exercise, I did Pilates before derby.

How You Got Involved
I started the Bradentucky Bombers in May 2006. I flyered the town for interest, and skated in empty parking garages and outdoor hockey rinks until we got enough people interested to pay for rink time. Ah, the memories!!!

Most Memorable Derby Moment
So many!!! The first Bombers bout. We were a HOT MESS!!! Our first travel game; we played while my derby wife, C.N.Starz was in the hospital after a terrible car accident. Scrimmages in Roller Con 2011, the first bout with over 300 fans, playing in my first BIG venue at the civic center. . . Every once in a while we'll be warming up for a home bout, and I look around the rink and just get all teary thinking about what we have here in the Bombers. All of the amazing women that have skated through our doors. . . .all of the supportive fans and volunteers, such good times!!!

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
I was diagnosed with MS 4 years into my derby career. My biggest derby challenge is learning how to manage my symptoms and continue playing. Difficult, but not impossible. I am constantly coming up with new little inventions to make life easier; shin guards, forearm guards, ice-pack bandanas, water sprayers.

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