Height 5'4"

Day Job Yoga teacher, pole dance instructor, vet tech

Distinguishing Feature Great calves

Derby Anniversary November 2005

Signature Move Not getting hit when I jam

Story Behind the Name and Number
I'm the biggest flirt and it's gotten me into trouble. Number is my birthday.

Life Before Derby
I can't remember.

How You Got Involved
There was a show on A&E called Roller Girls. My sister saw it and called me told me I needed to join derby. I searched online and found a league in Tampa. I moved from Gainesville to Tampa Bay a few months later to skate.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
When I was playing with Tampa, we almost beat Kansas City during the WFTDA regional playoffs in 2013 to get the 3rd spot in the southeast. If Tampa would have beat Kansas than we would have gone to champions.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Performance anxiety. I get so worked up before a bout that I get sick. I'm still working on it every time I skate. I do yoga and meditate to try to settle my mind and body. It makes it easier to concentrate on playing.

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