EmPartial - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 5'3"

Day Job F&B Guy

Distinguishing Feature Vertical stripes make a short guy seem taller.

Derby Anniversary October 2016

Signature Move NO PACK!

Story Behind the Name and Number
I'm engaged to my favorite derby skater (0.08 InToxic Kate). Her dad did his duty and made maybe the most appropriate dad joke ever.

Life Before Derby
There is no life before derby.

How You Got Involved
When my girl got involved, she got really seriously involved and her league needed volunteers. Turns out I like rules and yelling about them.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
The look on any skater's face (new or old) when they nail something they've been working on is some of the best evidence that good things still happen.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
There are never enough referees to go around. If you're looking at this and wishing for a community or activity to be a part of, get in touch.

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