Empartial - Bradentucky Bombers

Pronouns He/Him

Teams Team Zebra

Position Referee

Derby Anniversary October 2016

How did you find roller derby? My wife (InToxic Kate, #0.08) saw a poster in a bar and wound up finding the Bradentucky Bombers. When I saw the impact roller derby (and more specifically, the Bombers) had on her and so many others, I set about finding out how I could help. Turns out, there are tons of volunteer opportunities with huge returns in the opportunity to be a part of a community and make some great friends. Reffing is a great challenge and is a lot of fun. 10/10 would recommend.

Tell us about your pets. We have two great old dogs, a very happy 6lb rescue chihuahua called Luna (Luda, Lunatic, Tuna Noodle Casserole), and an even happier 4lb shih-tzu/toy poodle mix called Brio (it's an Italian musical term, not after the restaurant; see also, Bruno, Brioche, Burrito, etc.). They're the best kids we could ask for.

What's your sign? Listen, I don't buy into these things, but as a Pisces, I can sense that you're really into my songwriting right now. You know that one song you really liked? I don't remember how it goes and will never finish it.

What are your bout day pump up songs and why? Anything by Gloria Estefan. I'm not kidding.

Who is your roller derby hero and why? You are! Right after you join us! Roller derby is an incredible team sport. It can help you to become physically healthier, develop amazing relationships, grow you communication and leadership skills, the list continues on from here. Even if you decide you don't want to be a skater, come check it out and be a volunteer. Meet some cool people. I promise you won't regret it.

What is your bout day breakfast? Whatever InToxic Kate is having for bout day breakfast. What did she say? Was it something good? Scratch that. Everything she makes is good.

Keith Ridge
Keith Ridge

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