Crash Von D - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 5'8"

Day Job Healthcare Administration

Distinguishing Feature Probably my thick eyebrows or my winged eyeliner!

Derby Anniversary March 2017

Signature Move Cutting the track

Story Behind the Name and Number
I’ve always been a fan of Kat Von D’s tattooing and make-up, so replace Kat with Crash and you get me.. just with less ink and the ability to tattoo. As far as my number I was born on the fourth month of the year (April) and my grandmothers favorite number is 7. 4+7 also = the day I was born (the 11th).

Life Before Derby
Less exciting

How You Got Involved
A friend introduced me to her boss that played. That Saturday I went to see her Bout and I joined two days later. Safe to say I fell in love with Derby pretty quickly!

Most Memorable Derby Moment
Making lasting friendships with people I probably would have never crossed paths with!

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Derby for me will always be more mental than physical. So I've learned over time to not be so hard on myself and to just have fun!

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