Bottle Rocket - Bradentucky Bombers

Height Often overlooked

Day Job Wait a minute, there’s time during the day to be off your wheels?!?!?!

Distinguishing Feature My super explosive Hypenergy! If you need some energy to pack-a-punch or if you’re just lacking excitement, my Hypenergy is available for purchase! Side effects include and are not limited to, max endurance and speed, uncontrollable spins and jumps, lack of sleep and overwhelming behavior. Now accepting PayPal.

Derby Anniversary August 20skateteen (2018)

Signature Move Spilling my coffee on my shirt, or in the car, maybe when I first purchase it, when I get excited or just the entire freshly brewed pot, BUT, not when skating!

Story Behind the Name and Number
Blasting right from the fiery depths of the track, sparking at the apex, she’s fast, she’s loud, she’s unpredictable, she’s banned in Canada, IT’S BOTTLE ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!

Life Before Derby
The song ‘Pretty Vacant’ by The Sex Pistols

How You Got Involved
As a wee little pit-warrior in the local soflo music scene, I heard all about this roller derby shindig. It was just what I needed.

Most Memorable Derby Moment

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It

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