Amanda Lorian - Bradentucky Bombers

Height 5'10"

Day Job Retail

Distinguishing Feature My ever-changing hair maybe?

Derby Anniversary 08/2015

Signature Move I'm still figuring that out!

Story Behind the Name and Number
I am Star Wars obsessed. Mandalorians are a race of bounty hunters from Star Wars. The 501st is a Star Wars cosplaying, philanthropic organization that I dabble in. It just made sense.

Life Before Derby
It was all about work, home, work, home...I mean, what is life before derby?

How You Got Involved
A friend had been asking me to come for years but I just kept making excuses. Cue that magical night I finally ran out of reasons to say I couldn't possibly and started saying "why not?!" It was instant love.

Most Memorable Derby Moment
I'll get back to you on that.

Derby Challenge and How You Overcame It
Jumping vertically for the skills assessment. Our trainers spent a good deal of time one on one working it out until I got it right. Eventually I stopped being scared and started trusting my feet.

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