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So you want to skate derby?

Betty, (bet ‘ti) n. surfer slang. A girl that sits on the beach and watches her boyfriend surf but doesn’t surf herself. In Bradentucky Derby, a new recruit; a skater who watches and learns but doesn’t yet take part in the action.

All skaters must be female, 18 years or older. We accept all skill levels, but you must be willing to work. This is a sport after all. If your only interest is to wear a cute uniform and call yourself a derby girl, this might not be the league for you. Roller derby is a contact sport and demands a lot from your body so you must maintain a certain level of endurance and skill in order to play this sport safely without injury to yourself or to others. However, like football, there are positions in derby suited for all body types. Derby is about skill, not necessarily strength or size. So you can never be too big or too small to be a derby girl.

Although skating experience helps, you don’t need any experience to be a Betty; only the willingness to learn. Several girls in the league never skated a day in their life before joining the league. We can teach you how to skate derby style, but you must be committed to doing your part. This is what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you:

Bomber Betties

New Recruit Status

New recruits, or Bomber Betties, are considered such until they demonstrate adequate skating and derby skills. For everyone’s safety, Betties will be restricted from certain practice drills and scrimmages until they consistently demonstrate proper techniques that will ensure the safety of themselves and their derby sisters. Coach and the trainers will determine your proficiency at such skills.

Training Requirements

Bomber Betties, like all other league members, must be proactive in training. You have to earn your spot on a team by learning derby skills and rules. Coach and the trainers can help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses and show you drills to help develop your skills. You just need to put forth the effort. Before graduating from Betty to Bomber status, you will be required to take two skills tests and pass a basic derby rules test.

But don’t worry. We will have a trainer working with you at every practice to ensure your success. Our league does not hold tryouts and we cut no one who is willing to work hard. We continue to work with you until you are completely trained, regardless of how long it takes you to master all required skills. Some girls are betties for a long time. Some move right along to a team. But don’t get discouraged! Keep at it!!!! Our biggest tip: skate as much as you can… it’s very Zen: you must be one with the skates. The more comfortable you are on skates, the more you’ll be able to concentrate on derby strategy instead of skating.

We also recommend that all skaters in the league cross train, especially in endurance and strength training. We cannot stress enough that this is a contact sport and your body needs to be conditioned properly. We’re not saying you need to become a body builder or long-distance runner. But if you want to minimize the chance of injury, you will need the proper amount of lower body and core strength, as well as endurance. During your Betty training, you will learn more about the importance of cross training and which exercises are the most effective for skaters.

Welcome to the team!

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