Recruitment - Bradentucky Bombers



All skaters MUST be 18 years or older. We accept all skill levels, but you must be willing to work. Roller derby is a contact sport and demands a lot from your body, so you must maintain a certain level of endurance and skill in order to play safely without injury to yourself or to others. However, like football, there are positions in derby suited for all body types. Derby is about skill, not necessarily strength or size. So you can never be too big or too small to be a derby skater. We are currently accepting members for our Charter Bomb Squad, Nuclear Bombshells, and All Gender team.

Although skating experience helps, you don’t need any experience to join; only the willingness to learn. Several skaters in the league never skated a day in their lives before joining the league. We can teach you how to skate derby style, but you must be committed to doing your part. Before graduating to official Bomber status, you will be required to take two skills tests and pass a basic derby rules test. This process usually takes between 4 and 6 months. Our league does not hold tryouts and we cut no one who is willing to work hard. We continue to work with you until you are completely trained, regardless of how long it takes you to master all required skills. Some skaters are Firecrackers for a long time. Some move right along to a team.


QUESTION: What is on the test?
ANSWER: We follow the WFTDA minimum skills test. To learn more about, go here.

QUESTION: What are the rules of roller derby?
There are a TON of rules and penalties that are assessed when rules are broken. The referees use a series of hand signals to communicate to one another and players and the crowd what is going on. Players are tested on their knowledge of the rules through a written test before they are considered ‘bout’ ready.  Rules can be downloaded on the Women’s Flat Track Derby association website here.

QUESTION: What is the time commitment?
ANSWER: As a Firecracker, there is no required time commitment. You will be allowed to practice 2x per week, and we suggest that you come to both in order to stay on track with out training program and not fall behind. Once you complete our training program our attendance requirements are 60% of practices, or roughly 2/3 practices per week. You also must attend 25% of our events. All Gender team practices are subject to change.

QUESTION: How much are dues?
ANSWER: Your first month is free. After that dues are $40 a month. All Gender team is $20.

QUESTION: Where do I get skates and gear?
ANSWER: There are a million places to purchase your equipment. There are used sites online for gear and skates if you are looking for something pre-owned. Any of the skaters on the team can give you advice on what they prefer.

QUESTION: Where and when do you practice?
ANSWER: Mondays (Charter Bomb Squad and Nuclear Bombshells only) from 7:45p-9:45p; Thursdays from 7:45p-9:45p; Saturdays from 9a-11a; all at Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex, 5309 29th St E, Ellenton, Florida 34222