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New Home

Help The Bombers Find our New Home

The Bradentucky Bombers are in need of a level, open-span floor space to rehome our league. Our space requirements are flexible, and we are capable of sharing an athletic space or skating rink with other organizations, or establishing a location of our own. 

The WFTDA-regulation flat track requires a total of 8,100 square-feet of space for play. Open-span space is ideal, but we can work around existing columns and infrastructure should it be safe for our skaters.

In addition to the track space, a minimum of 3,000 square-feet of additional space is required for spectator seating and other event operations. A 20-foot or greater ceiling height is ideal to allow for visibility as well as bleacher-style seating. 

Our space would be required to meet minimum fire safety regulations, including marked exits and a sprinkler system. Restrooms and parking spaces would be necessary for both our skaters and our fans. 

Ideal Time Needs

We are very happy sharing a space with other organizations. Because the Bombers are an adult sports league, our practice times typically happen 2-3x a week, twice on weeknights and once on a weekend morning. Each practice runs two hours long with 15 minutes before and after to gear up and down.

Game days are the most exciting part about running a roller derby league. We host 1 game per month from March to October (8 games) on Saturdays, using the space from 2pm until 9pm, at most. Each game brings in between 250 and 450 fans.

If our new home is interested in expanding our offerings, we would be thrilled to include the following:

  • Tournaments: A full weekend once a year
  • Junior Roller Derby: Additional practices/game days
  • Banked Track: Additional practices/game days
  • Summer Camps: A week long camp for kids
  • Celebrity Trainers: A full day workshop 1-2x a year

Dream Features

As Bombers, a lot of our success stems from our ability to dream big. While we’ll miss our former home, we are hoping to unlock our full potential, for both our league and our fans, in a new space. Our minimum space requirements would allow for us to comfortably home our league, but an expanded space would allow for us to introduce even more roller derby excitement to our local community. 

The Bradentucky Bombers have access to a banked track, and are exploring the possibility of a recreational off-season featuring banked track play. This addition would require approximately 20,000 square-feet of total space to house both the flat track and the banked track. 

An expanded space would afford us the opportunity to invite local vendors to lease space during our games and events, allowing us the chance to let our local businesses shine. We have maintained several successful business partnerships throughout our years with sponsorship and advertising opportunities, and a vendor area would allow us to increase our local business reach. 

With Florida being an amazing travel destination, we dream of a space that would allow for us to host tournaments and invite other teams from around the nation and the globe to visit our community. Tournament play allows leagues the opportunity to travel to a single destination to play multiple teams, and our business-oriented league has the professionalism, organizational skill, and event production capabilities to host an incredible tournament experience. 

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